Black Boxes found in wreckage of Chinese plane

Black Boxes found in wreckage of Chinese plane

Today, officials have said that a voice recorder has been found by investigators searching through a plane that crashed in the south of China.

The investigators have found voice recorders, known as “black boxes,” that are assumed to be from the cockpit of the plane. The black boxes were reported as being slightly damaged, but they were still somewhat intact.

“This will provide important evidence as to the cause of the accident,” says Zhu Tao.

Images from CCTV were released that showed employees on the plane placing something orange into a zip-bag. However, nothing else has surfaced.

Zhu Tao says, “continue to go all-out to find the flight record to provide even more comprehensive data.”

Unfortunately, the investigation into the crash has been hard due to rain, which halted the investigation, and the location of the crash; the crash is in a higher up region of China. However, investigators have found some things around the crash.

“The area is overgrown with weeds and the terrain is steep,” says Zehang.