First Marvel Comic Goes For 2.4 Million

First Marvel Comic Goes For 2.4 Million

This comic book is worth more than a house.

On Friday, March 18th, A Marvel Comic was bought by a collector for 2.4 million dollars.

The Marvel Comic in question is the first ever comic book published by Marvel Comics. It is known as “Marvel Comics #1” and it featured the first appearances of Sub-Mariner and The Human Torch.

That comic is said to be the one that “started it all.”

This one comic book launched the entire franchise of Marvel and led to the widely famous Marvel Cinematic Universe that has taken over Hollywood and has 3 movies in the top 5 highest grossing movies. It also kickstarted more comic runs and video games.

Vincent Zurzolo, the auctioneer, said, “it’s arguably one of the top three comic books in the world of comics collecting.”

What about the person who bought it for exactly $2,427,800? No one knows the buyer’s name, since it was kept anonymous. 

Vincent says, “He is an extremely passionate comic book collector and investor who also collects other items.”