tiny houses


Tiny homes are coming to myrtle beach. They bring tiny homes to myrtle beach for homeless veterans. 


“The goal of the community is to need veterans’ homelessness in the area” says wpde.com news.


Their goal is to help out veterans who came home with no place to stay in or maybe they can’t find their home anymore. This tiny home gives them somewhere to stay. 


They have been approved for 25 tiny homes. They are currently only 10 so far and there is more to come. 


“So far, 25 tiny houses have been approved with construction on the first 10 beginning in about three weeks,” says wpde.com news.


They have custom furniture, flat-screen tv. The house is a total of 160 sq feet. 


“Dulebohn said the homes will be around 160 square feet with a full bathroom, a kitchenette, custom furniture and flat-screen TV.” says wpde.com news.