Which is Better Public or Catholic School?

Which is Better Public or Catholic School?

Public school is better than Catholic school because no uniform, semester long classes, and diversity. 

From the age of three until you graduate you have to wear a uniform either a skirt or a three piece suit. In public school we are given the chance to show our style and wear something that is comfy for us. When we have to wear a uniform it takes away our uniqueness.

“Don’t these schools do enough damage making all these kids think alike, now they have to make them look alike too?,”says George Carline.

When I was in Catholic school we had the same classes all year long, the same teachers and same students. We didn’t have the chance like I do now to pick what classes I wanna take and have fun with.

Joseph says, “Having semester-long classes allows me to try and enjoy different things”.

Going from 300 students to over 1800 was a big difference but one of the greatest things to happen to me. In Catholic school it’s the same people, the same family every day year after year. Now in public school as a junior I am still meeting new people every day in my grade. 

Kyle says, “ I hated that my kids had such a small class. They only knew the same kids for years, I want them to be able to meet and talk with different kids. I am so happy that they meet new people every day at school.”

Some people may say that Catholic schools are better because they focus a whole class just on religion and go to church every week with their schools. I think that its up to each family to decide because not everyone wants to have religion all day and go to church.