Myrtle Beach assess safety in Ocean Boulevard


The city of myrtle beach had a eventful crash along the ocean boulevard between 31st Avenue N and Souths kings highway and on tuesday night presented findings to the public.

Crash data from the past six years shows more than 1,000 crashes happened in the survey area — 942 vehicular, 37 pedestrian and 35 bicycle.

The data also showed that 61% of crashes occurred on weekends, the majority of them on Saturdays. The data also showed that 49% of the crashes happened during May, June, and July.

In addition, 73% of crashes involved both a North Carolina and a South Carolina driver.

“This is one of the top 10 corridors in the state for crashes, and not only vehicular crashes but ped and bicycle crashes,” Brett McCutchan, an engineer with Stantec Consulting, said.

McCutchan said officials are now looking for ways now to decrease the numbers with help from residents’ ideas and recommendations.

“This is extremely important,” he said. “They live, they work here. They see it on a daily basis. They are the experts of the roadway.”