Best Influenced By Laine Martin!!

Best Influenced By Laine Martin!!

Laine Martin is a positive fashion blogger who uses Instagram, VSCO, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and YouTube to show her favorite pieces and stores.

Rather it’s showing off her Koch Branded Skort steals or her favorite wide-leg H&M jeans, Laine always makes a point to not gatekeeper her clothing.

“I have seen Laine Martin on my FYP and I think her style is so cute. I like listening to her peppy voice as she shows hauls of clothes, how she styles outfits, or how she decorates her dorm.” says fellow classmate, Maddie Stevens.

Towards the beginning of the school year, Laine made a big sponsorship with a dorm decor brand, Room 422, and had a mini tik tok series where she showed how she settled the line.

“Lauren is always talking about Laine Martin and how she loves all her outfits. I don’t know much about her but she seems like a good influencer and fashion blogger.” says Camryn Navey.

Laine shows off how she styles pieces and links to the best deals on her Instagram stories. I have personally bought several items she’s recommended and ended up loving all them!

“The H&M wide leg twill jeans are my favrote pair ever and they were recommended to me by Laine Martin” says Hannah Risher.