3 for 3


Q: What is your main reason for living? 

A: “I think I’m here to help people, I don’t know how, but I think I’m here to help people. That’s it,” says Kayla 

A: “The people I love. Finding out what love feels like and seeing what my future is like,” says Aleta 

A: “I don’t know my main reason, but I know why I keep going and that’s because I want to know what my future is,” say Emily 


Q: Do you feel people should be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they want? why?

A: “Yes, because of everybody express themselves similar to each other in would take away the uniqueness of everybody because we are all different,” says Kayla 

A: “ Yes, I think someone should do what makes them happy and whatever makes them feel good to be alive because if they’re not allowed then what’s the point of living. Your unhappy and miserable just do what makes you happy and express yourself in whatever way you choose,” says Aleta 

A: ”Of course I do, because self expression is probably one of the best ways you can start to understand somebody. And when everyone expresses himself it makes everyone and difference makes the world go round,” says Emily.                                                                         


 Q: Do you think there is some form of an afterlife? why?

A:”I think there’s a form of an afterlife, but I don’t know what that form is. Because I don’t know there has to be something, I mean the universe is so vast there has to be something,” says Kayla 

A: “I think there could be, but I’m more a person who like if I can’t see it or facts about it, it’s hard for me to rap my head around it but I think if there ia an afterlife then there would have to be a higher being if not I don’t think there is a afterlife,” says Kayla

A: “Yes I do, I’m not 100% sure what it is, but what makes me believe there is an afterlife is ghosts and stuff cause they can like come visit you,” says Emily.