3 For 3


Q: What is your opinion on One Direction?

    A: “I had this little One Direction phase for a minute, because I fell into this tunnel and started watching performances and media of them. I really like Harry Styles, I think that is one of the reasons I like them. I think they started my boy band phase, which eventually led to me liking K-Pop,” says Jaden Mcbride. 

    A: “I think that it’s very sad that they broke up, but they needed it only because I feel like some of them, music was not their calling. But for like, Harry Styles, he is doing so much better outside of the band,” says Emily Gardner. 

    A: “I love One Direction and my younger self is very sad that they broke up,” says Camryn Navey.


Q: How do you feel about side parts?

    A: “Listen. It depends on how far it is, and who is wearing one. Some guys really can pull off a side part. I feel like the middle part hairstyle is becoming more basic, although it looks the most natural. For hair like mine, though, it looks better to wear on the side because it feels natural. Sometimes, though, girls with aggressive side parts look crazy,” says Jaden Mcbride. 

     A: “I think people can do what they want, but they’re really bad when it’s farther than the sides of your eyebrows,” says Emily Gardner. 

     A: “I feel like side parts could be good on certain people, but the aggressive side parts need to go,” says Camryn Navey.


Q: Do you believe that everyone should wear what they want, without any judgment?

     A: “Yes. I feel like we have had a lot of progress with what women want to wear, but not so much as men. If men wear more feminine clothing, it is automatically seen as gay. We should be more open-minded with their fashion, as we have been with women. If a guy wants to wear a skirt, he can wear a skirt,” says Jaden Mcbride. 

    A: “Yes, of course. Self expression is so cool. People shouldn’t care what other people do,” says Emily Gardner.

    A: “Yes. I do. I think that dress code is a big factor in that because people cannot wear what they want,” says Camryn Navey.