3 for 3 article format

  1. What is your most embarrassing moment? 

A1:(Bri) “Bri thought a woman was a MANiquine and asked her mom to take pics” 

A2: (Spencer) “I was running in the gym and there were kids behind me and I really had to use the bathroom and I farted on them” 

A3: (Ayden) “when I scared a random man at the store bc I thought it was my mom”

  1. If you could have any superpowers what would they be and why? 

A1: (Bri) “teleportation so that I can see my family more and bring people back” 

A2: (Spencer) “superspeed so that I could punch someone in the face without them knowing it was me” 

A3: (Ayden) “invisibility because it would increase my gossip skills. 


  1. What is your least favorite color? 

A1: (Bri) “poop green” 

A2: (Spencer) “poop green” 

A3: (Ayden) “yellow”