3 for 3

3 for 3

If you could go anywhere, where would you go and why?

“I would go to Italy because I really like their culture and their food,” says Josh.

“I would go to Hawaii because it’s pretty and a cool place to live,” says Daniel.

“Probably French Polynesian Islands because it’s nice there,” says Jonathan.

 If you could get 5 million now but never have to go to school, or get 20 million when you graduate College, what would you do?

“I would get 5 million dollars because I could use that money to invest,” says Josh.

“I would rather get 20 million because I wouldn’t be able to work anywhere,” says Daniel.

“20 million when I graduate College because I want to experience it and I get money anyway,” says Jonathan

 If you could meet anyone that has ever lived, who would you meet?

“I would meet George Washington because I would ask him what his thought process was about his experiences with war,” says Daniel.

“I would meet Gordon Ramsey because I would like to learn to cook,” says Josh.

“Mansa Musa because he was rich and he could give me some money,” says Jonathan.