Questions with Layla,Spencer,Shelby,Bre, and Bre

  1. Whats your least favorite food. 

Shelby says “Ham its so horrible and gross” when asked why she made loud gagging noises.

Spencer said “Starfruit” when asked why he said “the consistency is really bad its like mashed potatoes”

 Layla said “Cooked carrots” when asked why she said “because theyre mushy and nasty and gross”

  1. Whats your favorite sport.

Shelby said Basketball when she was asked why she said “because its easy”

Spencer said Baseball/Soccer when asked why he said “I was good so i could flex on people with the ball”

Bre said “Baseball because its a very energetic and I love baseball moms”

  1. Whats your dream job

Shelby said Veternary Radiologist when asked why “Because I dont wanna do any surgeries and with that I wont have to”

Spencer said Firefighter when asked why he said “Find them hot leave them wet”

Bre said UHN when asked why she said “After I watched criminals minds it got me invested”