3 for 3


What’s your most embarrassing moment? Why?


“Being dumped by a middle schooler in front of a bunch of people, because, it should’ve been the other way around.” Says Lauren Steele. 


“When I ate mat doing a two-tuck during my first year of tryouts. It was my first year at tryouts and I busted my standing tumbling.” Says Camryn Navey. 


“I walked into the girls bathroom in 5th grade, I thought it was the boys and it was not the boys.” Says Kasey. 


If you could talk to anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?


“Oprah Winfrey because ever since I was little I have always admired how she takes on life.” Says Lauren Steele. 


“My aunt because she passed away before she could see me accomplish big things in my life.” Says Camryn Navey. 


“Rosa Parks, she seems fun.” Says Kasey. 


If you could have any 2 superpowers in the world what would they be and why? 


“I would fly and read people’s minds so I could fly to every guy I want to and read their minds on how they think about me.” Says Lauren Steele. 


“Time traveling to the past so I can see history and reading minds because I wanna know what people are thinking when I talk to them.” Says Camryn Navey. 


“Spider man because why not, and teleporting because that seems pretty cool.” Says Kasey.