3 FOR 3!!!

3 FOR 3!!!

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Why?

Maddie: “My biggest accomplishment is making the Varsity cheer team at 12 years old because, at the time, I was the youngest person to make the team.”

Cam: “My biggest accomplishment is making a level 6 worlds team as a fifteen year old who normally backspots but is main basing because, it’s very difficult for someone to switch positions within a few days.”

Graham: “My biggest accomplishment is being the youngest child because it makes me a bratt.”

What’s your favorite song? Why?

Maddie: “My favorite song is That’s My Girl by Lee Brice because it makes me feel good inside.”

Camryn: “My favorite song is Just a Little While by the 502’s because it’s an upbeat song that always puts me in  a good mood.”

Graham: “My favorite song is All There because it’s just good.”

What’s your favorite memory? Why?

Maddie: “My most favorite memory is beating Lexigton because they were the reigning state champs.”

Cam: “My favorite memory is seeing Luke Combs because I’m actually obsessed with him.”

Graham: “My favorite memory is killing my first wood duck.”