Three for Three


What is your favorite class? Why?

“P.E. class, because I get to move around, exercise, and talk to other people,” says Josh.

“My favorite class is math because we don’t do anything,” says Sean.

“Carpentry because I get to build stuff,” says Graham.

What is your least favorite class? Why?

“Math class, because I just don’t feel like doing math,” says Josh.

“Architecture because it is kinda boring,” says Sean.

Chemistry, because it is very confusing and hard,” says Graham.

What is the scariest moment in your life? Why?

“Going to a big roller coaster because it was really high up,” says Josh.

“Getting surgery because I was scared that I was going to get hurt or something,” says Sean.

“My four-wheeler stalled and a black bear was close to me and growled at me,” says Graham.