3 For 3


If you could meet anyone who would it be and why?

he would meet bob because i enjoy is religious talks and he is a really good person.”says jonathan” 

He will meet steve will do it because hes my idol and i look up to him.”says graham”.

She would meet Jhene Aiko because i like her music and i’ve been listening to her since i was 12. “Says Layla”

What is the  craziest thing you have done and why?

Shoot a weapon upside down because he felt like it and he almost shot his foot.”Jonathan”.

Jumped up a roof  undressed and fell on a table because he wanted to and he though it was funny.“Says Graham”.

She snuck out while it was snowing because she wanted to see someone and play in the snow.” Says Layla”

How do you feel about school and why?

I just go to school to have fun and don’t worry about grades because school is where i just have fun ill never use these skills after high school.”Jonathan”.

I don’t like school but i have all a’s because school is just boring but the work is very easy and i am passing.“says Graham”

It stress her out because she has honor and ap classes and it provides a lot of work. “Says layla”