3 For 3

3 For 3

What is your favorite Holiday, and why?


“My favorite holiday is Christmas because I wget to see my family and I like to spend time with them,” says Maia.


“My favorite holiday is Halloween because I can get free candy and I get to dress up,” says Tamya.


“Christmas because we celebrate Jesus Birthdays and I get a bunch of gifts,” Says Bri.


What is your favorite sports team, and why?


“My favorite sports team is Gamecocks because my brother goes there and I always go to their games and I want to go there,” says Maia.


“LA Lakers because my brother likes them,” Says Bri.


“My favorite sports team is the New York Yankees because my dad likes them a lot,” Says Tamya.


What is your favorite store in the mall, and why?


“I like Aire because there are lots of things you can get and they are cute,” says Maia.


“American Eagle because all of my clothes are from there,” says Bri.


“Rue 21 because they have a lot of stuff there,” says Tamya.