3 for 3

  1. What is the best brand of shoe and why? 

“Nike because they are really comfortable and have lots of styles,” says ava.  

“Nike because they’re comfy and they last long and there’s different types of shoes,” says maia. 

“Vans because they are comfortable and they are more athletic shoes like you can do more stuff in them,” says tamya. 

      2. If you could meet any actor who would it be and why? 

“I would like to meet Michael B Jordan because he is soooo cute,” says ava. 

“I would like to meet Emma Watson because she’s a really good actor and she’s in a lot of movies,” says maia. 

“I would like to meet Zendaya because she seems like a nice person and cool,” says tamya. 

       3.What is your least favorite subject and why? 

“Math because my teacher is terrible at her job,” says ava. 

“Newspaper Production because i don’t like writing,” says maia. 

“English because my class just gets on my nerves,” says tamya.