3 For 3


Who is your favorite superhero and Why?

  • “ I’m gonna have to go with Black Widow because I think she is better than all them, and I think She’s cool.”-Bri
  • “ Superwoman, because she is a girl boss.”- Ava
  • “ My favorite superhero is Supergirl because she always saves the day.”-Maia 

What is your favorite scary movie and Why?

  • “ It Chapter 2, because I love the story behind it, it wasn’t even that scary though”-Bri
  • “ I don’t really like scary movies but if I had to pick, it would be “Hush.”- Ava
  • “ My favorite scary movie is the new “Scream” movie, because it was more funny than it was scary.”-Maia

What is the weirdest thing you have done and Why?

  • “ I pee when I laugh lol.”-Bri 
  • “ The weirdest thing I’ve done is, put ranch on everything.”-Ava 
  • “ I put cheese on Everything.”- Maia