Would You Rather?

Would You Rather?

Q: Would you rather have monkey toe grip strength or be able to grow your limbs back? 

A: Kayla Thompson says, “I think growing my limbs back because I feel like monkey strength in my toes would be unhelpful.” 

A: Jaden McBride says, “Grow my limbs back because my biggest fear is that I’ll lose my right arm and I can’t draw again.”


Q: Would you rather talk to animals or speak all foreign languages?

A: Kayla Thompson says, “All foreign languages because I could communicate with everybody.”

A: Jaden McBride says, “I would rather speak all foreign languages because I can just travel the world and better understand different cultures.”


Q: Would you rather know when you die or know how you die?

A: Kayla Thompson says, “I’d rather know when I die because I don’t want to live in fear of what I die from.”

A: Jaden McBride says, “When because say I find out I die in two weeks and then I won’t go to school.”