Ice-fishing Shack On the Move!


People don’t tend to see moving ice-fishing shacks, but there is one in Michigan. 

At 8 a.m. on Sunday, a person reported a moving ice-fishing shack in McKinley Township, Michigan.

The ice-fishing shack was moved because of strong winds in the area, which were caused by a strong storm. Due to the winds, the shack moved about one mile across the bay it was located on.

The anglers said to authorities, “they spent Saturday night on the ice in the shanty and were aware of the storm, but apparently took the winds for granted.”

Authorities were alerted to what happened by a concerned citizen who called to inform them about the moving shack and the anglers struggling on the ice. After arriving, the authorities were able to get the anglers off of the ice.

Hanson said a fire department airboat was taken to the site for a rescue, but the three men eventually were able to make it across the ice to shore on their own,” says Hanson.

After the anglers made it to the shore, they declined medical treatment and explained what happened. The anglers explained that they didn’t expect the winds to be so strong and to cause their ice-fishing shack to move.

AP News says, “The men were making arrangements to return to shore when wind gusts began to push the shanty.”