NFL Free Agency Buzz

NFL Free Agency Buzz

The NFL has been known to be boring in the off-season but this year is not the case. 

This free agency period in the NFL has seen some of the most historic moves in the sport of football. Several big name players are being moved between franchises. Some notable teams are the Broncos, Chargers, and Browns.

The Broncos kicked off this year’s free agency with a bang. They made a trade for Russell Wilson without giving up insanely valuable assets. A week after that they signed defensive tackle DJ Jones for a 3-year, 30 million dollar contract.

Personally, as a big Denver fan, I’m ecstatic to see the team acquire someone to fill our weakest position.

So far the Chargers have acquired Khalil Mack through trade and signed cornerback J.C. “Mr. INT” Jackson out of free agency. Chargers now have to face 3 different pro-bowl caliber quarterbacks 6 times in the season so these additions are great. The secondary is going to be astounding and that pass rush is going to be terrifying.

Tyler Neidermoser said, “I can see the correlation of their transactions and the trade of Russell Wilson, this rivalry is going to be even better.”

Cleveland is making some good moves too. The Browns acquired Amari Cooper from the Cowboys to fill in after they cut Jarvis Landry. This won’t solve their QB issue with Baker Mayfield but it gives him a better weapon to throw to.