St. James Cheer


St James Varsity Cheer is the best program ever but Chapin thinks they run it all. 

St. James Varsity Cheer is coached by Mrs. Jessica. She is the best coach this program could have. She has been coaching for several years and teaching all those years. She is the perfect mixture of strict loving and confident. 

St. James Varisty Cheer was an absolutely amazing team this season. We pushed through obstacles and came out with one of the best routines in the state, finishing 2nd at qualifiers and beating the reigning state champs!! 

Currently St James Varsity Cheerleader, Maddie Stevens says, “Qualifiers is the day I will never forget, on that day cheer in South Carolina changed.”

The 2021 state championship competition was a very stressful and tense environment. Warmups were right behind the competition mat and you could hear all of the other teams going and hear the crowd cheering while you were warming up. We dropped two stunts and finished in fourth place. I feel like that happening makes the returning athletes have a drive that we’ve never had.

“The feeling coming off the mat at states was a very devastating but powering feeling!” says a cheerleader on the team.

Groups changed and formations changed but nobody ever complained or had something to say. We had a bond that I felt could  never be broken and the friendships that are created through the program are unbeatable. The work ethic and life lessons you learn from other teammates, coaches, and even the Shark Campers are absolutely incredible!!

St. James cheer will go down in SC Cheer history, whether people like it or not!!