You have seen normal license plates but have you seen FART?

You have seen normal license plates but have you seen FART?

A woman in North Carolina on March 14th 2022, had a FART license plate.  

Karly Sindy got a custom license plate that said FART but the DMV would not let her put it on her truck, they said she can keep it if she does not put it on there.  Karly said it was ordered as a joke and was shocked when it actually came.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out because it is against the number and letter combination banned in the state.  

A North Carolina woman who has been fighting to be allowed to keep her “FART” license plate said the Division of Motor Vehicles told her she can keep the plate — just not on her vehicle.  Karly Sindy of Asheville said she originally applied for her “FART” vanity plate as a joke, and was surprised when the requested plate arrived in the mail.  Sindy later received a letter from the DMV saying the plate had been issued in error, as “FART” is among the letter and number combinations banned by the state,”says Ben Hooper.

Karly got her friends together to try to convince the DMV to let her drive around with it on her truck but they still said no.  They said they didn’t allow it for other people so they can make a 1 person exception for her.  Karly says she didn’t know they would say no because it is not a “bad word”.  

“The DMV gave Sindy the opportunity to appeal the decision, leading her to found the local group Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails, or FART, to help convince officials to let her keep the plate.  Sindy said she filed her appeal, and the DMV responded by saying she could keep the plate, but it wouldn’t be a legal license plate for her truck anymore,” says Ben Hooper.

 “They said that I can’t keep the plate on the truck, but I can keep the plate in my possession and do what I want with it, and they said that since they refused ‘FART’ for other people, they couldn’t allow it for this,” Sindy told WLOS-TV. “I was really hoping they would just take FART off the list because it’s not a bad word, but you know that didn’t happen,” says Karly Sindy.