Digital Entertainment Ballooned in 2021: MPA report


Reports on movies. “Before the pandemic, the theatrical and digital markets for entertainment were roughly similar in size. Last year, however, digital revenue was more than three times that of the global box office, according to a new report by the Motion Picture Association.” They calculated a percentage of movies from 2019. “The MPA’s annual study of theatrical and home entertainment, published Monday, crystalized just how much streaming has come to dominate the media landscape. In 2021, the digital market accounted for 72% of the combined theatrical and home market. In 2019, digital accounted for $45.5 billion worldwide; last year it ballooned to $71.9 billion.” Streaming services increased a lot because of Disney plus. A lot of people watched the movie Luca. It was really popular. “Streaming services have led the boom. In 2021, streaming subscriptions rose to 1.3 billion globally, a 14% increase from the year before. In the United States, subscriptions grew at a similar pace to 353.2 million. According to Nielsen, the Pixar film “Luca” on Disney+ was the most watched movie of 2021, with more than 10.5 billion minutes streamed.”