Connecticut Couple grows a Huge Rose Bush


Usually grows a small rose bush but this one is like a bean stock 

Connecticut couples rose bush grows to be 22 feet from 10 feet.

Three years ago the Boucher couple from West Hartford, CT planted a rose bush in their year about three years ago but, recently they noticed something strange.

“I was cleaning everything up and cutting off all the old stuff and I noticed a big green shoot coming up right beside the bush that’s already there,” says Stephen Boucher.

The current world record for the tallest rose bush is 18 foot and 8 inches and was planted in Morristown,NJ in 2009 by Robert Bendel. The Boucher’s bush has outgrown  Bendel’s bush by almost double the size. 

“This one has grown to 22 feet, 10 inches, and the current world record for tallest rose bush is 18 feet, 8 inches,” says Stephen Boucher.

They are hoping to officially have Genius World Records come out to have their bush break the record officially.This rose hasn’t just gotten the Boucher’s attention but the attention of their community.