New Dagwoods Location in North Myrtle!

New Dagwoods Location in North Myrtle!

Dagwoods Deli and Sports Bar has opened up in North Myrtle however they have two more locations.


Dagwoods Deli has opened up at a new location in North Myrtle today, March 15, 2022.


Dagwoods Deli has been serving and entertaining customers since 2006.


“I think it is good because it allows more people to eat there,” says Maia.


The new Dagwoods location is located on 4200 Highway 17 South in North Myrtle Beach.


“I am so glad that they are opening up another location because it allows other people to go there without driving so far,” says Maia.


The new location features 54 T.V.’s rotating draft beers, and a large outdoor seating.


“Dagwoods is so good and I am happy this location is opening up because I can eat there when I’m in North Myrtle and not have to drive one farther away,” Says Maia.