Tom Brady Going Back into the NFL


Tom Brady announced his retirement at the end of the football season last year, however he just announced that he will be going back to Tampa to play another season

Tom Brady is going back into the NFL for his 23rd season and is going back to the Tampa Buccaneers because he said he has “unfinished business.”

He wants to go back into the NFL because last season the Buccaneers came up short of winning the superbowl and going to play-offs.

Tom Brady wants one last win before he retires because he wants to show people what he is capable of.

Brady was going to retire and everyone thought that he wouldn’t come back, but he did anyway because he wants to live. 

“I can’t leave yet because I have unfinished business,” says Tom Brady.

Brady wants to win again to feel the adrenaline rush and to be capable of doing something again.

It is said that Brady signed a contract for 3 more years and is getting paid 39 million dollars per year.