‘The Batman’ screening features guest appearance: A real bat

‘The Batman screening features guest appearance: A real bat

Moviegoers in Austin, Texas, got to see more than one type of bat during a screening of “The Batman” this weekend.

An actual bat was spotted swooping around inside the theater, putting the movie on pause while management called animal control and tried Guests were offered their money back, but most chose to stick it out and watch the film “bat and all,” according to one moviegoer.

Layla says,”that this is a crazy story and he doesnt like bats.

Mandi says,”she thinks this story is very interesting but she doesnt think she will go see batman because of this.

Ayden says,” that he thinks that this is a very cool story but hes glad no one got bite by the bat.

I think that this story is interesting but i do think that is scary and i also dont like bats in the first place 

The Moviehouse & Eatery by Cinépolis says the bat was likely released into the theater as a prank. The theater’s general manager Heidi Deno said they will be “adding additional security and checking all bags upon guest entry.”There were no reports of anyone being bitten during the incident. Less than 1% of bats in the wild have rabies.