H.E.R. wins Grammys with her acting and concert tours


You probably know a lot of multi-talented people, but H.E.R. is extremely extraordinary.

 She’ll perform for the first time in her career in a stadium when she makes her first appearance on Coldplay’s tour on March 25 in Monterrey, Mexico.

H.E.R. won top Oscar and Grammy music honors last year, but those supreme accolades were just a precursor for the singer-songwriter’s next moves.

She now enters the Grammy Awards as one of the leading nominees again. She’s the new global ambassador for L’Oreal Paris and she was recently honored at Billboard’s Women in Music even. She will also start filming “The Color Purple” musical this month in Georgia. She’ll embark on her 19-city Back of My Mind tour in early April while separately joining Coldplay for their world tour as a supporting act later this month.

  • “I do take up a lot of space. I do carry a lot with me. I’m supposed to,” said H.E.R.
  • “In the beginning, I wanted to be about the music and not necessarily who I am and what I look like,” she continued. “I’m a musician before anything. Now I’m just organically showing myself and speaking on certain things and just being me. I want people to feel my presence — whether it’s in the music industry or the world.”

H.E.R. kicks off her tour in Los Angeles on April 5, just two days after the Grammys, where she’s up for eight nominations including album and song of the year. Both tours will run in conjunction with each other, but she says the stadium shows with Coldplay are “really spread out” location and date wise while her tour touches some of those same domestic cities and other markets too. H.E.R. said the tour will be an opportunity to show her evolution as a music maker and woman.

  • “It’s the growth of me as a musician, but also just as a person,” she said. “I think that’s special. It’s a special thing for me and I hope that people join me and continue to be on the on the ride with me.”