Record Breaking Deforestation Rates in Brazil Worry Its’ Citizens


Brazil detected record-breaking deforestation of rainforests in the months of February and January. 


Satellite imagery detected high rates of deforestation of rainforests in tropical Brazil. The images accounted for about 77 square miles of rainforest being destroyed in the month of February alone. 


“Imagine what will happen when months of greater deforestation incidence arrive, even more so in an electoral year,” says Márcio Astrini, executive secretary of the Climate Observatory.


Deforestation of the country has acted under President Jair Bolsonaro, who campaigns for growth in the Amazon through deforestation. Brazil’s upcoming election this year could determine deforestation rates of future rates. 


Astrini says, “We know that many who are deforesting, and even lawmakers who approve bills that favor deforestation, are betting on all or nothing, now or never, for forest destruction and reduction of forest protection through legislation.”


Thousands of Brazilians gathered in protest earlier this week outside of their congress building. They protested bills and new, possible legislature that could threaten the Amazon rainforest by encouraging deforestation and industrial activity. 


Marcio Astrini says, “The future of our rainforests is scary. I am scared for future generations.”