Joe Biden’s Potential Trip to Europe

Joe Bidens Potential Trip to Europe

The White House has been planning Joe Biden’s potential trip to Europe in the upcoming weeks.

U.S. officials have said that Joe Biden’s trip to Europe has been being planned out by the White House. Officials have yet to decide on where Joe Biden is going, but most Officials have said that a possible destination would be NATO’s headquarters.

An anonymous U.S. official says, “The prospective trip is yet to be finalized. One possible destination for the meeting would be Brussels, which is the headquarters for NATO.”

However, Joe Biden won’t only be going to NATO’s headquarters. Officials have said that he will also be making other stops in Europe.

“The White House was looking at Biden visiting NATO headquarters on March 24, with other potential stops in Europe,” says another anonymous U.S. official.    

The other potential stops in Europe would be to other NATO countries that border Ukraine, which are Poland and Romania. Joe Biden plans on traveling here in order to show his support for NATO’s allies.

AP News says, “ The trip would underscore the Biden administration’s support for NATO allies.”