Brutally Murdered: In A Camper??


22-year-old Tyler Jordan was found dead in a Johnson County Camper on March 7th, 2022

Police received a worried call from a friend who went to check in on Jordan and instead found blood drops all over the camper and a dead body on the floor.

“The crime scene was not only repulsive but also very unexpected.” says the local sheriff.

Officials sare sailing that this was all clues pointing to a brutal murder and defintley not an accident.

“This story and the whole situation is just gross. No one wants to find their friend dead when they thought they were just camping. I have no clue how I would react or handle this town.” says Maddie Stevens.

The cause of death was released as many stabs by sharp objects and blunt force injuries.

“Man that’s crazy and pretty brutal.” says Graham Edwards.