Saudi Arabia drops 81 like Kobe Bryant


Saudi Arabia has executed about 81 men on Saturday for terrorism and other offenses. This is the largest mass execution in decades

This squashed the former number of 67 held in all of 2021 by the kingdom. But as untrusting as it may seem, these executions were justified.

“It’s bizarre you hear about this in international news,” said Graham Edwards

The ones executed were convicted of crimes of killing innocent people and pledging allegiance to terrorist groups such as the infamous al Qaeda.

“It’s good to see Saudis are taking care of threats to their peace in a timely fashion.”

It is unbeknownst to us how the executions were carried out but we can only assume. The 81 executions topped the 1980 single-day record by 14. Prior to that, the record was a total of 47.

“It is a bit morbid that we’re worrying about executions totals, but I guess this is how they want to deal with national security threats,” said Tyler Neidermoser.