War with Ukraine and Russia

War with Ukraine and Russia

Russia and Ukraine kept a fragile diplomatic path open with a new round of talks Monday even as Moscow’s forces pounded away at Kyiv and other cities across the country in a punishing bombardment that the Red Cross said has created “nothing short of a nightmare” for civilians.


Currently, Russia keeps invading Ukraine and won’t stop and has killed so many individuals in Ukraine. They have also injured many people with their continuous attacks.


“I think that it is very sad that there’s people injured and killed in Ukraine because they have done nothing,” says Ava Simpson.


Many Ukrainians are trying to flee from Ukraine because they don’t want to be in the middle of a war and die or get hurt. Many are scared for their lives because they are looking and hearing about all of these people dying.


“People in Ukraine need to evacuate as soon as possible to avoid the attacks,” says a reporter in Ukraine.


Ukrainians didn’t want this war to begin with but once Russia Attacked they were ready to fight for their country especially their President.


In the future I expect so many more casualties and injuries in Ukraine and I don’t expect the war to end soon. If anything I think the countries in NATO will join the war to help Ukraine.