Advice for Oaklyn Mae <3


Two lovers on the beach with tropical sunset, palms, sea and island behind them

“Dear Shark Attack , I have a boyfriend of 3 years and I love him so much. But recently I have reconnected with my first love. With him it feels like I’m talking to my best friend. We instantly got along. I do love my bf, but sometimes I find myself comparing him to my first love. What should I do? I’m stuck.” – oaklyn mae 

Girllll in my opinion i think you should go with what your heart desires. There are gonna be times when you think they are the one and then the next second you find out they did something and they’re gone. But if you get that feeling in your stomach that he’s the one then go with him. If i were you i would lowkey go back to my first love only because y’all get along like best friends. That doesn’t happen often. But don’t compare them. That’s not right for your bf.  Love is a game, remember that.