Advice for unknown?? – who r u


Dear Shark Attack, should I move on or not? I honestly do like this boy, but I don’t think he feels the same way. 

Responds: I think you should follow your heart. I understand you’re afraid of getting rejected, which is understandable, but heart break is nothing to be afraid of. Think of it as an experience, something you will go through and overcome and at the end you’ll learn from that experience. Personally I would tell him that I like him because there is no point in hiding yourself and how you feel. There is a chance that he might like you too and it would suck if you didn’t get together because of miscommunication. Either way you will be ok. This is just a moment in your life which will pass. There are many people in the world and love/liking is a thing that is difficult to understand. So the best thing to do is not stress, listen to your heart, and be true to yourself. Hurting is okay because its growth and there’s no reason to be afraid of growing as a person.