Advice For Trisha Paytas!!


Dear Shark Attack, I struggle with a pop addiction. Help me!

-Trisha Paytas

My advice:

While pop-its can be a fun toy and even help people focus better, they can sometimes become too much by taking too much time, money, or focus. So the real question here is how do you get over this addiction? First things first, start feining off it slowly. If you’re using a pop-it an hour a day maybe try using it 45 mins for a week and then slowly cutting off more time each week. Another thing you could do is try not to use it with every activity you do. If you fidget with it while doing homework and watching TV, just try using it while watching TV. My final suggestion is to try different fidget products such as slime, fidget cubes, fidget spinners, orbeez balls or tech decks! I wish you the best of luck in your journey overcoming this addiction!!

-Lauren Steele