Top 5 sports

Top 5 sports

In my opinion I think that every sport is amazing but my 5 topics would football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and lacrosse.

For my #1 I would pick Football because of the amazing teams they have and because of how much hard work they put in. Of course all sports put a lot of effort but I feel like Football puts even more effort in the seasons and games against other teams.

My #2 pick would be soccer. I feel like soccer might not have as many viewers as other sports but it is still known in the whole entire world. I also feel like soccer is a game where it takes a lot of time for example learning the tricks.

Another sport that would be my top 5 would be Basketball. Basketball would be my number three though because of how competitive it gets and because of the players.

Another sport I picked is volleyball which is my #4 because I mean volleyball for a lot of people isn’t interesting but for me volleyball is a way where you can feel free and be yourself. This includes when watching the game or even playing the game.

Last but not least Lacrosse is my #5 because I feel like Lacrosse should be recognized, which to be honest I don’t feel like a lot of people don’t even know what the game is.