Top 5 Fine Arts Electives

Top 5 Fine Arts Electives

5. Band is the least exciting fine arts program to be a part of. There are many reasons but one is that you would be a band kid. Plus band music is just so loud and unenjoyable.


4. Choir is fourth on my list because it’s straining to the voice and wears one out. I am in choir and I cannot stand it. It is no fun but I just have to remind myself that at least I am not in band. 


3. Orchestra is actually interesting. The music is very pretty and there are so many beautiful instruments to play. 


2. Photography is second on my list because it is such a nice fine art. It is relaxing fun and honestly relieves a lot of stress from me. It was a close tie to the best fine arts program but I feel as if photography is a little more difficult so this one is less universal.


1.Art is my favorite fine arts because it can show how one expresses themselves. It is such a beautiful art and there are so many different things you can do. 3D art, where you paint on paper and draw. And 4D art, where you play with clay and sculpt.