My Top 5 Musical Artist/Singers


My Top 5 favorite artist/singers 

  1. Tyler the Creator:

Tyler the creator is number five because his music slaps. Honestly Tyler is an icon and his music is also the right choice when you don’t know what to play. 

  1. Frank Ocean:

Everytime a frank ocean song comes on I can’t ever skip them. His songs take me to different worlds and he creates art through his art. I am glad that I get to listen to his work. 

  1. Stray kids:

Stray Kids is a kpop group and their music is considered to be “noisy music” by many people. They have a unique style that is hard hitting and will always get you out of your seat. But they also have many songs on the slower side. They are a self producing group and have some beautiful lyrics like the song Silent Cry, where they are talking to someone telling them it’s okay to share their pain. Their song is basically a shoulder to lean on. They will always be one of my favorite groups.

  1. Mitski:

Mitski’s music is beautiful and all her lyrics are meaningful. I love singing her songs and like all have an unique concept. Her music is considerably more on the sad side, but it is always a good listen. To me Mitski is a real artist and her songs are beautiful. 

  1. Mid-Air thief:

You probably don’t know who this is, but they’re a small artist that hasn’t shown their face and changes names all the time. When I first listened to one of their songs. These Chains, I felt like I was a star exploding. All of their songs send me to a different plan of existence. To put in simply their music is an experience like no other.