Top Five Shows

Top Five Shows

#5 : Money heist. I love money heist because the storyline of robbing the first bank and then robbing another huge bank just for the love of robbing and getting back one of their own is really interesting. The whole cast was amazing as well. I also love the fact that it is in spanish. 

#4: Stranger things. I love the plot of Stranger things. The way they keep the show going so smooth makes the show so addictive to watch. 

#3: Euphoria. The show is about an addictive girl revolving around a group of friends. I love the cast and the way they handled real life problems with drugs. 

#2: Criminal Minds. I love everything about this show. The cast , the plot , everything. I liked the crime and solving cases type of movies and when I first watched this show I felt attached. It’s super long but I love it. 

#1: All American. This show is my all time favorite ever. The cast, the story, etc. I love how Spencer grew so much and helped his family a lot. I love the way they end stuff because you always have good thoughts for the next episode or season.