My Top 5 Aeshetics (fashion)

hippie//spiritual~ This is at the top of my list because of the intricate and detailed designs generally on the clothing. On top of that, they normally use a LOT of accessories which is something I think looks really good. It also improves my confidence a lot.
Grunge~ This is second on my list because of the types of accessories that they decide to use. I feel like the chains and heavy makeup tend to attract more attention but it’s also a good way to express when you’re feeling sadder.
Streetwear~ This is 3rd because it is a pretty basic style in general but it’s not exactly girly. You could either make it more feminine or keep it more masculine.
Coconut girl (surfer aesthetic) ~ This aesthetic came in 4th because it is extremely basic but it kinda makes me feel like I live on an island. This style normally contains brighter colors and braids.
Vintage~ Vintage is last on my list because the style in general looks put together but some of the trends are definitely outdated. Overall, this style could really be referring to any style from the past.