The Top 5 Ways That Coca-Cola is Sold


The top five ways that Coca-Cola is sold:


#5. Bottled Coke (plastic): Bottled Coke is mediocre. Because the container is plastic and does not insulate the drink very well, Coke in plastic bottles tends to get warm easily. Because the liquid gets warm, it gives a burning sensation in your throat that is even more intense than usual when you drink it. I hate that the most about Coke in plastic bottles. It reminds me of a miserably hot summer day at an amusement park when the only thing to quench your thirst is warm Coke, which makes your suffering even worse.


#4. Bottled Coke (glass): Once again, bottled Coke is mediocre. I put this type of Coca-Cola at #4 only because it gets a point for being in a glass container, which gives better insulation than plastic. It still burns though. 


#3. Canned Coke (aluminum can): Coca-Cola served in aluminum cans typically stays cold, but they have too much fizz for my liking. The extra fizz causes the soda to burn my throat, just like the last two Coca-Cola rankings. 


#2. Bottled Coke (aluminum bottle): Coca-Cola started selling its beverage in a bottle made out of metal. It was almost the perfect coke. It stays cold for longer periods of time, the bottle is aesthetically pleasing, and it is relatively smooth. One of the main cons is that I can never find this version of Coke near me. 


#1. Fountain Machine Coke: Lastly, at the top of this list, is my absolute favorite way that Coca-Cola is sold. Fountain Coke usually tastes smooth, there is no burning sensation, it is commonly accessible, and it stays cold for longer periods of time because it is already chilled in the fountain machine. I love fountain machine coke. It has my whole heart and more.