Top 5 places to eat

Top 5 places to eat

My opinions are not only going to be on taste but expenses too.  

#5 is going to be McDonalds.  None of us think that McDonalds is the best thing ever, but it is still good.  It is fun to eat their chicken nuggets and fries.  Their caramel frappes are good and I do not care what your opinion is on them.

#4 is Pizza Hut.  Honestly I think Pizza Hut is good, some people hate Pizza Hut.  I think it’s worth your money. 

#3 is CookOut.  I always get a tray at CookOut.  You get 1 main thing with 2 sides and a drink for what used to be $5 but I think it is $2 now.  They also have like 40 milkshakes so if you like stuff like that you should go there and they also have eggnog ones during Christmas.

#2 is Chick Fil A.  Yes they are good I do not want any hate.  Chick Fil A ties with my number 1 option, but I am putting it as option 2.  It is only because sometimes they give you bad batches of nuggets.  It is literally $8 for 8 chicken nuggets that are super small that you can eat in literally a minute, and it comes with fries and a drink.  Their fries have no flavor either, the only thing you can taste is the sauce.

#1 is Zaxby’s.  You get a lot of food for the price and the fries actually have flavor. They are seasoned.  Nothing tops Zaxby sauce.  I have also never had a bad batch of chicken from Zaxbys.