My Top 5 Cars


Top 5 best cars. My top five are, 1998 nissan 240sx, ford f150,mazda Miata 1999,toyota tacoma,and a GTR R35 2019.

My favorite car is the nissan because its been my dream car for a while and ive always want a sports car and its a drift car.and its been my dream car.

My 2nd favorite car is a mazda miata 1999 because its been my top my second drift/race car and its small and tiny and it does have a roll bar and you can modify it.

My 3rd favorite car is a GTR R35 2019 because of the year and it is a nice interior and i think you can modify it way better and that you can figure out how to drive

My 4th is a toyota tacoma because when you want to go mudding it is a good car to use and you can lift it but not make it ugly and i agree dont squat these because it could ruin the suspension 

My 5th is a ford f150 because this truck is reliable but if your trying to get your first car it could be this but be careful when you drive it.