Top 5 Restaurants

Top 5 Restaurants

Top 5 restaurants 

The fifth restaurant is El Cero. El cero is a Mexican restaurant and has great food and a different variety of spanish foods. 

The fourth restaurant is Dagwoods. Dagwoods offers many different foods and their food is amazing and they have lots of different things to choose from. 

The third restaurant is Travinia. Travinia is an italian restaurant in market commons and is an amazing place to eat. Their chicken alfredo is the best I’ve ever had. 

The second restraint is Texas Roadhouse. Texas roadhouse has great steak and chicken tenders. I usually get chicken tenders and a salad and a baked potato. I always go there for my birthday.

The first restraint is kings sushi. Kings sushi is an amazing all you can eat sushi place and you can get all you want and you can get stuff that isn’t sushi like hibachi and chicken nuggets and salads. Overall just a great place to eat.