Top 5 Candies

Top 5 Candies

Top 5 candies.


#5. Starburst is definitely in my top five for candy but it is ranked 5th. Starburst comes in multiple flavors and the pink and red ones are the best. They have so much flavor!


#4. Twizzlers is ranked 4th. I love twizzlers, they are always the andy I get when I see a movie. They aren’t ranked higher because not all twizzlers are good in my opinion. They have to be a certain flavor and brand.


#3. Reese’s Pieces are ranked #3. You can neve go wrong with Reese’s Pieces they are the best peanut butter candy ever.


#2. Sweet Tarts are ranked #2. They are ranked #2 because they have so many flavors and all are good. They are sweet and sour so it gives you both. They are a great candy.


#1. Greahdeli caramel chocolate is definitely the best candy. I ranked it number one because it is the best chocolate. They have so many flavor options you can get but Caramel is definitely the best flavor of Grehadeli chocolate. You will always crave this candy.