My Top 5 Travel Destinations


5. One of my least favorite vacations ive been on is when my family and I went to Gatlinburg. It was literally the myrtle beach just more classy and clean. I feel like I would enjoy it a lot better if it wasn’t as crowded as it was when I was there. They had a few cool things like the sky bridge but they had about everything we have on the strip.

4. Another vacation that I enjoyed but would’ve liked to enjoy better was Maggie Valley. My family and I went for the polar express train and we actually took the trip to Gatlinburg on our of day. I really liked maggie valley but there was just not a lot to do there. The view from our air bnb was absolutely amazing. 

3. Punta Cana was so much fun. I went my fifth-grade summer. It was so cool to leave the country but also really sad to see how the other side is actually living. We went cave jumping and on these go-karts throughout the little towns there. We also went snorkeling at our resort and that was so much fun to see all the different animals. I also held so many different animals while I was there!!

2. NYC is the dream city. I enjoyed NYC so much and look forward to going back this summer. Everything there I just love. Everywhere you go there is something different to look at or do. Despite the crazy people and rats everywhere, it’s so much fun!! My favorite thing was the Brooklyn Bridge or the city lights at night.

1. Disney World is the best place ever. My family makes so many trips to Disney because it just gets better every single time. When you arrive whether by car plane or bus it’s just the most welcoming feeling ever and you never want to leave. You could be there for one day and understand what I mean. I look forward to going back in April for a cheer competition!!