Top 5 Cartoon Network Shows


My #5 Cartoon Network Show is “Ed, Edd, & Eddy”. I didn’t watch this show as much growing up, but when I did watch this show I would watch it with my mom. I always thought the characters were funny and I liked how  they had an obsession with “Jawbreakers” or “Gobstoppers” I can’t remember. My favorite character was also “Double D” (Edd).

My #4 Cartoon Network Show is “Courage, The Cowardly Dog”. I absolutely loved Courage growing up and I used to watch this show all the time when I wasn’t watching, “The Amazing World Of Gumball” or “Teen Titans” (Original). Some of the episodes scared me a little growing up but I always admired Courage, because he had Courage for Murial lol.

My #3 Cartoon Network Show is “Regular Show”. I miss this show a lot, I was kind of upset when it ended, because it ended so abruptly and the ending wasn’t my favorite, but “Regular Show” is at my #3 because it was one of my childhood shows that were just there, and it’s good to go back and reminisce once in a while.

My #2 Cartoon Network Show is “Adventure Time”. “Adventure Time” is at my #2 because I’ve finished this show so many times and still go back to watch it once in a while. All the “Adventure time” episodes are like fever dreams and everything in that show is so trippy, but I like trippy stuff.

My #1 Cartoon Network Show is “The Amazing World Of Gumball”.  “The Amazing world of Gumball” is at the top of my list because I literally watched all of this show growing up, with my grandma. Most of the time that I would watch Cartoon Network, I would go on it to just watch this show. Gumball is very nostalgic, and I love Darwin. All the characters are so funny to me. My grandma still to this day watches “The Amazing World Of Gumball” and we go back to watch old episodes we might have missed, if we aren’t watching “Ghost Adventures”.