Benjamin’s Bakery and the Honest Truth

Benjamins Bakery and the Honest Truth

Benjamin’s Bakery is like eating at your perfect brunch stop in town!


Benjamin’s Bakery is located at 410 3rd Avenue South Surfside Beach, South Carolina where they sell all sorts of breakfast, lunch, and pastries you can imagine. They have a cozy dine in area with lots of tables and chairs and even have outdoor seating. Depending on your choice of food, your price can range and the only delivery service they have is Grubhub. 


Benjamin’s Bakery has many options where you can customize your choices of food. The service is wonderful and I have never had a bad experience there. The inside of the restaurant is calming with beautiful antique decorations and very well upkeep on the cleaning.


There are very few negative aspects about Benjamin’s Bakery except for that it is definitely not a place you should go if you are looking for a cheaper option. It also gets very busy most days and it being a small restaurant it can get fairly crowded. 


Overall it is a very wonderful place you should try and if you have the costs to do so, I would recommend becoming a regular.